Elementary Latin

This course forms the first half of a year-long sequence in Elementary Latin. Students are introduced to the Latin language through the study of its grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, and through readings of ancient Latin texts. The ultimate goal of the course is to instill in students an appreciation of the significance of classical literature and the study of ancient Roman culture in world history and in our own lives. We follow a “flipped classroom” model this semester. This means that students are responsible for watching lecture videos, reading the textbook, and completing various exercises intended to help them memorize the grammar and vocabulary on their own before class. In class, we work together to review the grammar and, moreover, contextualize our study of the Latin language.

Last taught: Fall 2019 at Scripps College

Resources: Syllabus | Schedule

Special thanks to Christopher Chinn for sharing materials that helped me develop Elementary Latin and to The Claremont Colleges Center for Teaching and Learning for the Course Activity Grant that enabled me to design a curriculum centered around experimental applications.

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