Introduction to Art History

This survey of art, architecture, and material culture from the Stone Age through the Gothic era is the first part of a two-course sequence in the Introduction to the History of Art. Students in this course will examine not only the monumental remains but also the more mundane remnants of the past, carefully considering the historical context in which they were produced. While there will be a strong emphasis on close-looking, students will also frequently engage with questions of analysis and interpretation, including, in some cases, the ways in which changing cultural priorities and art historical methodologies have shaped the reception of objects. By the end of the semester, students will have mastered not only a body of knowledge but also a set of critical tools that can be applied to the assessment of objects not specifically covered in the course.

Last taught: Fall 2020 at Pomona College

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Special thanks to Patricia Blessing for sharing materials that helped me develop Introduction to Art History; and to The Claremont Center for Teaching and Learning and the Summer Online Pedagogy Group led by Amy Pistone and Ellen Lee for the building the communities that helped me brainstorm and workshop ideas in preparation for our remote semester.

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