digital humanities project management and consulting

Like most digital humanitists, I came to this practice accidentally. But, accident or not, the application of digital technologies to my research has fundamentally influenced the types of questions that I’ve been able to ask and answer. Moreover, I believe that creating hands-on, educational opportunities for students to creatively experiment with digital technologies in the classroom is the best way to prepare them to engage with and become responsible creators of digital content as they navigate a broad range of disciplines and the job market beyond college or graduate school.

As the Director of Digital Humanities at The Claremont Colleges (DH@CC), a Mellon-funded initiative, I’ve been responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, and designing a program aimed at creating robust curricula in the digital humanities for the seven-institution consortium. In this capacity, I’ve worked in close collaboration with faculty and staff as they develop digital assignments and pedagogical strategies for their classes; overseen the execution and publication of several, long-term digital research projects; mentored undergraduate and graduate students both in my own classroom and on a variety of independent research projects; and trained a number of Digital Research Studio Fellows, graduate students who work directly with faculty, staff, and students, offering workshops focused on particular digital tools and platforms as well as individual research consultations that focus on project design, timeline, and sustainability.

I’m eager to apply the lessons that I’ve learned as the Director of DH@CC throughout the rest of my career. Although the initiative itself has come to an end, I’m readily available for digital humanities project management and consulting.

A list with links to sample projects can be found here. For my full project management portfolio, or for more information about my digital humanities project management and consulting services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.